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March 6, 2012
Doc makers protest in the streets for the first time ever
May 4, 2012

a film about the struggle of the working poor to survive and the increasing wealth gap between the 1% and the rest of us is finally going to be released this spring in Toronto and on the internet. The delay is the result of the efforts of the National Film Board of Canada that produced the film, to have it premiere at a film festival. While Piers Handling, the CEO of the Toronto International Film Festival said Courage was “emotional, a great subject, with amazing stories”, the Toronto Festival turned it down. So have all the festivals the NFB sent it to. Bebeth, a character in the film had my favourite explanation for this disappointment — “They don’t want to see reality.”

Courage will be screened at several libraries in the Greater Toronto area. Double click on the postcard to enlarge and see the locations, dates and times. Courage will also be available on the NFB website shortly. For a period of time it will be streamed for free. I plan to let everyone know how they can see the film and get a copy if they wish for their own or their organizations educational purposes. The film is relevant to those interested in the anti-poverty movement, equality, fairness, gender, immigration, and other issues.

A very good thing is that the film got made. The project was first mentioned on this website as a ‘work in progress’ titled ‘Salaire minimum’. That project did get made and it is called Courage. It was a fantastic project with so many good people involved but for sure it would not have been made without the unflagging support of producer Anne Marie Rocher from the Office national du film du Canada.

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