Doc makers protest in the streets for the first time ever

Courage finally to be released
March 6, 2012
Courage screening
October 27, 2012

Josh Harrower

Mark the date Friday, May 4, 2012. It’s the first time that Canadian documentary filmmakers in Toronto have taken to the streets to protest attacks on culture generally and against the documentary in particular. The people need documentaries, to tell, see, and talk about their stories. That’s what documentary filmmakers do. I made some signs for the protest. For inspiration, I turned to a book first published in 1935, Documentary Film by Paul Rotha.

The use of the film medium to interpret creatively and in social terms the life of the people as it exists in reality.

I made my sign: DOCS – The Life of the People – Don’t Cut Culture! Petra Valier at work texted me a sign slogan: Keep it Real, Save our docs . It felt great to be out there. I’m convinced the cultural work we do is a positive force in society and we have to fight for the means to do it! We’re not going to take it anymore!!

Josh Harrower

Ariella Pahlke, Halifax

Arielle Pahlke, Halifax

James Motluck, Nina Beveridge

Red badge on my fridge to support the Quebec Student’s Strike

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