Lougheed wants orderly development of oil sands

A Tear for the Last Drop in the Aral Sea
May 28, 2009
The world has turned upside down
March 6, 2012

Phhewww! that took awhile! For the last 10-15 years, the oil companies and the Alberta government couldn’t go fast enough to maximize the number of billion dollar projects that would strip off the boreal forest to boil the oil out of the oil sands. Wages, and the cost of materials and housing in the little town of Fort McMurray skyrocketed while the environment took a serious pounding. Now former Alberta Premier Lougheed in a recent interview in the Globe and Mail is calling for the development of only one oil sands project at a time. It’s good, it’s great … but isn’t the horse already out of the barn or rather isn’t the HERD of horses already out of the barn? Maybe next time the Conservatives will actually conserve instead of ‘rape and pillage’?

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See Adam Radwanski’s interview with Peter Lougheed in the Globe and Mail on Monday, June 8th.

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