Walk Naked Singing


“Walk Naked Singing demonstrates the same knack for ‘big picture thinking’ one of its subjects says good dope facilitates.”

Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star, April 26, 2002.

Walk Naked Singing is an inventive documentary filmed somewhere in the Ontario forest. The film follows the process of Wayne, Frank, and Gordie, over a summer, growing a commercial crop of 100% Canadian marijuana in gardens they call ‘rinks’.

Wherever there is marijuana, there are authorities hunting it down and the film tracks the action of the police’s Marijuana Eradication Program. We also hear the story of Robert ‘Rosie’ Rowbotham, who holds the Canadian record for the longest time served in prison for pot, and the thoughts of Pat Crawley, a political activist and committed pot-smoker for some 30 years.

Several people in the film are personal friends of the filmmaker. Walk Naked Singing is about time passing and disappointed idealism in a world gone corporate. In the straightest of times, freedom and joy might be running for cover but the longing to walk naked singing will live on.

Here’s Wayne’s world:

    Photos by John Bingham

  • Frank has the itch

    Frank has the itch

  • Wayne's field of dreams

    Wayne's field of dreams

  • Gordie's eyes

    Gordie's eyes