Screening this doc stone cold sober in the boss’s office is not the way to watch this story of 3 guys growing pot deep in Ontario woodland.
C. Dawson, Globe Television, June 1-7, 2002

Two ingratiatingly wacky marijuana farmers are profiled in Geoff Bowie’s wonderful new documentary Walk Naked Singing. What starts as a profile of two very strange non-conformists turns into a riff about what happened to the ideals of the 60s. The camerawork has a mesmerizing feel to it and the experience is one of melancholy mixed with elation.
Jim Bawden, StarWeek, June 1-7, 2002

Tonight on TV, the one to catch is The View From Here with Geoff Bowie’s remarkable documentary Walk Naked Singing. It’s about his buddies from the 60s who grow marijuana in the Ontario backwoods while they talk about old times together and what happened to the ideals of their generation.
Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star, June 5, 2002