When Less is More

WHEN LESS IS MORE, CANADA, 2004, 52 minutes, HD

A sequel to When is Enough, Enough? made for the CBC series The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. When we made When is Enough, Enough? about Alberta’s oil sands, a barrel of oil was just about $30. Three years later when we made When Less is More it was well over twice that amount on its way to about $140/barrel just before the big crash. At the time, even former Premier of Alberta Peter Lougheed was hinting that a moratorium on oil sands development was needed because it was just too much too fast with unknown and drastic environmental implications, sky-rocketing labour and materials costs, and enormous infrastructure pressures on the small town of Fort McMurray.

The episode features interviews with author and journalist Andrew Nikiforuk, ecologist Dr. David Schindler, Mikisew Chief Archie Waquan, and advocate of ‘Green Conservatism’ and former leader of the Reform Party, Preston Manning.