Work in progress

This area is about documentary projects we are working on. We’re making a documentary for Société Radio Canada about the prevention of honour crimes. The Auberge francophone in Toronto and the Muslim Resource Centre in London have leading edge programs to help immigrant families and especially men with the integration process in Canada. Filming is almost over, editing about to begin, and a delivery date that is not until June 2013. The stories include Fatouma Ahmed, a 26 year old York University graduate and single mother living in Toronto who returns for the first time to the country of her birth, Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa. Fatouma visits her family and explores the relations between men and women in the Djbouti/Somali communities in Canada and abroad.

The People’s Guru

We’ve also recently completed a short documentary titled The People’s Guru for TVOntario’s Why Poverty series. It will be aired on TVOntario beginning in the month of November, 2012.